Customs Clearance


Choosing a reliable, experienced, and trustworthy clearing agent is essential to clear and deliver your shipments smoothly and fast. Bright Way provide unconditional and tailor made clearance services in Dubai, UAE and GCC.
Dubai customs clearance ensures the smooth and efficient processing of goods through stringent regulatory standards. Choosing us enable you to avoid delay, demurrage charges and stress. our clearance services are;

  • Air freight clearance in all airports in UAE and GCC
  • Sea freight clearance in all sea ports in UAE and GCC
  • Land freight clearance in all land borders in UAE and GCC.

We have experienced and trustworthy clearing agents in all Land borders in GCC to move your cross border shipments fast.

Documents Required for Customs Clearance in UAE and GCC

  • Bill of Entry.
  • Original Waybill.
  • Delivery Order.
  • Original Commercial Invoice.
  • Original or copy of the Certificate of Origin approved by Chamber of Commerce at country of origin.
  • Packing List.
  • Approvals from the ministry.

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